The Home of Your Dreams in London or New York

David Earle Brown left a real estate legacy when he created his realty company. Now, many decades later we still honor him and his achievements by providing the highest level of service to our clients, both in London and New York.


One indicator of this level of service is the emphasize we put on the people we work with in both the Big Apple and London. Luxury real estate dealings require some of the most sophisticated skills and connections in any industry out there. To close a million dollar deal the brokers have to work together and that is only possible when you’re dealing with top realtors. Due to our amazing network, our company can offers some of the best real estate service there is, including:

  • 360 degree marketing including print and online
  • full-service photography and videography to capture the essence of your home in high resolution
  • a global network of realtors
  • featuring your properties on some of the world’s leading real estate websites including Zillow, Trulia, the MLS, and various other listing sites
  • 3D property showing tools
  • Drone photography


In addition we work with proven experts to get your home selling quicker. We frequently work with some of the world’s leading real estate professionals, such as Noble Black in New York. Subsequently we can provide you with guidance or introductions to the top realtors in top markets such as Tribeca, Central Park South, and the Financial District.


Whether you’re looking for a townhouse in Midtown West, or a luxury penthouse in a prestigious New York High Rise, you’ll surely find it with the help of our seasoned experts or one of our partners in the exclusive cities we work in including both London and New York City.


“A realtor is only as strong as his network”

We really believe this to be true, since it has been for us, over and over again. Especially when dealing with high-end markets our network often is the differentiating factor that sets us apart from the competition and allows us to sell properties at maximum value in the shortest amount of time. Whether it’s finding the international buyer or attracting locals that are on the fence about buying, we give each of our clients the best in exposure and expertise.


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Services Provided by Real Estate

A real estate is a profession that is very popular and in demand nowadays because it not only offers homes to people but employment to many. Using the services of real estate, you can actually get homes and properties at affordable price. People get too exhausted when they go out and look for a property or home all by themselves. The real estate services helps in making the process easier and more comfortable for the people looking out for homes. Real estate works as a mediator or an agent between two people, one of them remains the seller of the property and other one the probable buyer of that property. The real estate organization mainly works for the sellers and buyers in helping both of them getting a right deal. They make sure that the sellers sell the property at a right deal and get best buyers for their property. The real estate workers earn by getting a huge remuneration or the brokerage from both the parties after they get successful in making a perfect deal. The commission usually gets distributed in several parts depending upon the number of people that were involved in making the deal. The services provided by real estate agents depend on several factors:


  • It largely depends upon the total number of contacts that a real agent organization has. This is usually started by someone who is in-charge of knowing the factors of business and has enough contacts to build the business entirely.
  • The most significant responsibility of any real estate company is to market their business on behalf of the clients that need to sell or buy any property.
  • Different states and countries have different approaches by which they get the business depending upon the roles performed by the brokers and real estate agents. In some places, they help the sellers in marketing their property in order to fetch best and successful deal.
  • The real estate agents provide incredible services to the people who are interested in buying the property. They also work for the sellers and buyers. Many times one agent can work for both the parties simultaneously but these types of situations rarely occur.
  • The agent puts all the options in front of the possible buyers regarding all the alternatives of the property they have. This helps them decide the best and in best prices. A real estate agent also helps the buyer in getting the perfect property in the amount they want to invest.
  • Dual agency is also a part of real agent organization and services because they work equally on behalf of seller and buyer of a single property. The broker, although mainly represents the seller but they provide full support to the buyer as well. He tries to negotiate till the two accepts a best price and they crack the deal very easily.